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Block out the Noise

Sometimes life can be really overwhelming. I have learned that on the hard days, I just need to block out the noise. That means something different for everyone, but for me, it means hunkering down with my son, husband, baby and a box of tissues and just letting it flow. I hold on to what I have – tight — and I spend time appreciating what we have created. Our children are always first on the list, because they are such blessings and truly what life is all about. I lean on my husband because he always knows what to say, even if he says nothing at all. We just spend time being “us.”

We have found it incredibly helpful to physically escape our reality and get out of town for a week or just a weekend when the noise of life is too loud. These family escapes have been monumental in helping me gain perspective. Our amazing friends got together and started a vacation fund for us shortly after we lost Harper. We used that money to go to Bermuda after 8 horrible weeks of passing by her empty nursery a million times a day. It was there that we were able to focus on just being us. No one knew our story, no one knew that I was grieving so hard I wouldn’t remember a word of what anyone said to me, we were just us. And THAT is where the magic of healing happens. When you find a way to block out the noise and just be.

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