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Her Face in the Clouds

Harper has a way of always showing up to tell me I’m on the right path. Always.

We were vacationing here in Washington where we live now with our college friends when I looked over to see her face in the clouds. I swear this looks just like her.

Telling me that she loves when I LIVE life. She loves to see us together, having fun, making the most of this life we have been given. She loves that I’m happy again.

She likes to send me heart rocks, and whenever she does, I think back to what I was thinking when I stumbled upon them. I love that she thinks that it is a good idea too. 😊

My rainbow daughter finds heart rocks all.the.time now and knows they are kisses from Harper.

Her light is all around us, guiding us, making things happen for us, knowing what’s best for us and our job is to trust her completely. Which I do.

We have learned how to communicate over the years, but it took time for us to find our groove.

We are incredibly connected and our connection only gets stronger with time.

If you are getting signs from your baby, they are real.

If you are wanting signs from your baby, you too have to figure out what they are.

Stay patient. Stay strong. Stay open.

Your baby’s light is all around you.

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